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"When life gives you special moments"

1298 Riesling - Merciless reduction produces a high-quality and limited bottling every year.
The location: Abenheimer Klausenberg - in Abenheim. The vineyard: legally owned by the family for over 100 years. Passed on by the great-grandmother to the descendants of the Rudolf Spohr heirs in order to make the best of it.
Traditionally cultivated by hand and innovatively vinified.

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1298 - A historic year for Abenheim.


On this date, Countess Agnes von Nassau, née von Leiningen, received permission from the Bishop of Worms, Emich I, to found a monastery on the neighboring mountain of Abenheim to the north. The Klausenberg chapel is the only remnant of the monastery and still towers prominently over the region and is visible from afar.​

As a homage to this historical era, the label of the 1298 Riesling wine adorns the typical high Gothic entrance portal and the gable window above the Klausenberg chapel. The designer Theodor Portugall has succeeded in creating an artistic logo that combines contemporary art and innovative viticulture with the Gothic era of the time.​

Sascha Rissel, art collector and lover of high-quality wines, personally manages the old Riesling vineyard together with a small, select team. This was planted in 1979 and has been in the family for more than 100 years.​

The 1298 Riesling bears the unmistakable signature, passion and aesthetics of Sascha Rissel. The terroir of the wine is characterized by loess and black earth, which only make up 1% of the total area under vines in Rheinhessen. This special soil structure offers optimal growth conditions for Riesling. The wine can be stored for a long time due to the long yeast storage, but can also be drunk early and impresses with its fine fruity notes of citrus, apple, pear and peach. It develops a light spiciness and a dense, compactly integrated acidity that is fruity, full-bodied and complex and has an irresistible velvety smoothness.​

Our 1298 Riesling pays homage to the historical importance of Abenheim and its wine culture. We pride ourselves on preserving a tradition while innovating, expressing our passion for art and wine in every drop of our wine. Try the 1298 Riesling and let yourself be seduced by its unique taste.

In memoriam Rudolf Spohr et Manfred Rissel, qui nimis cito ex nobis abiit

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Our contact details


Sascha Rissel Weinhandel
Niedesheimer Str. 15

67547 Worms

Tel: +49 6241 3951160

Visit only after registration.
Reachable from:

Mo - Fr. 8-12 AM CET

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